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Buy Office Supplies Locally in Kent and Thanet

10 reasons to buy Office Supplies in Kent & Thanet from EKS - Keep It Local

local economy

People that buy locally also spend locally, putting money back into the local economy

Local jobs

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally providing local jobs

pay taxes

Local businesses pay corporation tax, rent, council tax, income tax, national insurance, etc

local deals

Successful local businesses look to give back to the community with local deals


A thriving marketplace of 1000’s of small businesses instigates innovation and lower prices


Local businesses are passionate, offering advice & excellent customer service


Local people know the area, add authenticity to the community & respond to customers


Communities with more small local businesses get more engagement & charity support


A vibrant town or high street will attract more visitors bringing wealth to the community


Local businesses employ local, reducing air pollution and traffic from the local area